Baratza designs the grinders in Seattle. They are built in Taiwan, with precision burrs from Europe, and distributed through an ever expanding worldwide network. Now, thanks to this US-based bran both home baristas and cafes have a pile of options from which to choose.

The innovative new Sette 2features almost 3grind settings, a brand new conical burr set, and a pass-through grinding system that leaves almost no retained coffee grounds behind. Conical burrs grinders are exceptional at producing consistent grinds from very fine to very coarse as well as being durable and will remain sharp for many years. Watch videos and reviews of all the models!

Je kunt er voor kiezen om de bonen te malen en die in de bijgeleverde opvangbak te laten vallen of je kunt de opvangbak uitnemen en jouw filterdrager eronder plaatsen. Burr grinders that deliver exceptional cup quality for the home or café. В кофемолке установлены стальные конические жернова диаметром мм. Корпус изготовлен преимущественно из твердого пластика. Общее впечатление – нейтральное.

Кофемолка умеренно тяжелая, компактная, не займет . Consistent, soli affordable option. The burr speed control reduces heat, noise and static.

Poesiari buruzko saioa modu arin, moderno eta berritzaile batean. Vanaf nu zijn deze top molens ook beschikbaar op de Nederlandse markt. Elegantly conceive conical burr grinder designed for manual brewing.

With precisely calibrated grind settings – ranging from the coarse grind used for a French press to an ultra-fine espresso grind – the Virtuoso makes quick work of transforming whole roasted coffee beans into uniform grounds. Ihr hochwertiges Kegelmahwerk aus Edelstahl und das reduzierte Design machen sie zu unserer favorisierten Filterkaffeemühle. The 54mm ceramic flat burrs keep the coffee cool by limiting the amount of heat transferred from the burrs to the grinds.

The Grind-on-Demand feature with Electronic Dosing means you grind only the coffee you require for each shot directly into your . The Encore is a simple, straight forward grinder and a good choice for those who prepare brewed coffee. It also grinds about twice as fast without a higher RPM and is about a pound heavier. In our tests it produces a more consistent, even fine grind. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. Ideaal voor malen op gewicht!

Perfect voor filter en espresso. Электрические кофемолки BARATZA — сравнить модели и купить в проверенном магазине. В наличии популярные новинки и лидеры продаж.

Поиск по параметрам, удобное сравнение моделей и цен. We often hear from people who want a single grinder they can use with their espresso machine as well as for drip, french press, and anything in between.

With its dual cam stepped adjustment system you can easily and repeatedly switch between a wide range of grind sizes, .