Cocktail strainer

This bartending tool is a roun bowl shaped perforated strainer that fits snuggly over a mixing glass. It is designed without an extended handle to work with the natural grasp of your han while the raised lip on the Strainer prevents liquids from dripping down the sides of glasses, forcing liquid to strain . Met een strainer kan je de cocktail serveren zonder dat er stukken ijs of fruit mee komen in het glas. Hawthorne cocktail strainer.

Het is als het ware een zeef voor cocktails!

De metalen veer vangt het ijs op. Past perfect op Boston sha. A well-made cocktail should not only look goo but also taste delicious and the cocktail strainer is an integral part of creating a proper drink. Using a strainer when bartending is helpful to strain out chilled liquor from the ice.

Een cocktail strainer is een zeer handige tool die wordt gebruikt voor het ijs te verwijderen in een cocktail. Strain your next cocktail with the OXO SteeL Strainer. This cocktail strainer features a raised lip, forcing liquids to strain through springs and preventing drips.

Available in Steel, Copper, Gol and Rose Gold finishes.

If you need a specialty julep strainer or just a good old-fashioned cocktail strainer , KegWorks has you covered. Grab your must-have bar tools today! Made in Japan Material: Stainless steel.

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A double-pronged rim and tight-wound spring catch muddled fruit, ice and herbs. Free Delivery on orders over £50. And while both kinds of cocktail strainers are ultimately derived from tea. Dimensions: L 150mm W 115mm D 20mm.

What do customers buy after viewing this item? Bar Equipment Specialist. Compare with similar items . We spent over hours researching and testing different kinds of cocktail strainers and found that sturdiness, high quality steel construction, and long lastingness were most important.

Also available in Gol Copper and Rose Gold.

Strainers are an essential part of the cocktail making process and a staple for every bartender. Cocktail Strainers Review. For this reason even the most simple of tools have to be considered.

Utopia boasts a comprehensive range incorporating both. The flexible spiral makes it suitable to use in combination with any cocktail shaker. Filters out unwanted ingredients.