The most convenient teapot you will find anywhere – we guarantee it. When tea is ready, simply place it atop your cup. This will cause a valve at the bottom to release: crystal-clear tea flows down, while the mesh filter retains all the leaves with one of the best infusers on the market.

Super easy to clean and dishwasher safe. I suppose, if the four of you use tiny teacups. The only thing the ingenuiTEA system lacks, really, are little measuring-marks to indicate how much water .

Wij houden van losse blad thee, maar niet van dat gedoe met thee-eitjes die niet goed sluiten waardoor de blaadjes uiteindelijk in je thee terecht komen. FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. TEA Loose Leaf Teapot: Easily brew and dispense tea from this unique teapot. With of your votes, the ingenuiTEA gets your best tea maker seal of approval.

You praised it for its ease of use, versatility, and easy cleanup. The ingenuiTEA is also available with a oz. The adagio teas Iced Ingenuitea Teapot is the most convenient way to make iced tea. Free shipping on orders over $29.

After steeping loose tea leaves in hot water, place the teapot atop a mug and watch as the clear brew automagically pours into your cup.

Find great deals for Adagio Teas Oz. TEA Bottom Dispensing Teapot G216. Shop with confidence on eBay! I made this change because I wanted to reduce the amount of caffeine I was taking in every day without eliminating it entirely. In the bottom of the teapot is a small plastic filter that will keep loose tea leaves from ending up in your cup.

The way the ingenuiTEA works is that you put some loose tea leaves in . If you are stuck on what to buy any tea lover for Christmas then worry no more – the IngenuiTea teapot is the ideal present! The teapot is available in sizes – 470ml or 950ml – and the way that it works is once the tea leaves and hot water have steepe you place it on top of your cup causing the . The must-have gadget for any loose leaf tea lover! Brew your loose leaf tea, pop the teapot on top of your cup and watch it filter out the bottom – replacing the Ingenuitea ! Add leaves, pour hot water and let them steep.

IngenuiTEA teapot is the most convenient device for brewing loose leaf tea – we guarantee it. When ready, simply place it atop your cup. I have the Adaigo IngenuiTEA. I really like this teapot. It would be really good for travel or for work.

IngenuiTEA is a brilliant, arguably the simplest, device for preparing loose tea. The result is great taste with less effort.

To filter, simply place the ingenuiTEA atop your cup. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3. The Adagio IngenuiTEA Ounce Iced Tea infuser is the latest and greatest innovation to come to tea making in a long time and brews easily into your favorite mug or pitcher. Hufford ship free with no taxes while supplies last!