Kwak beer glass

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The uniquely shaped glass was hung on the coach . The most distinctive of glasses is the Kwak vessel. This centimetre glass tube with a flared top and a roun bulbous bottom is held by a wooden clamp.

History places Paul Kwak as a brewer and bar owner in Dendermonde. A regular stop for mail coaches, coachmen were not allowed to leave the carriage and horses. Therefore not able to enjoy the Kwak beer.

As a result, Paul Kwak invented a glass which could be easily hung on the coach and ordered . The chalice is the glass of choice for enjoying Augustijn brew. Offered and printed with the full color logo on one side, and fill line on the other. Beers available from this brewery:.

Each glass is designed to suit a particular beer style. Part of our worldwide range of unique Glassware. Bosteels Brewery (Brouwerij Bosteels) is a brewery in Buggenhout, Belgium.

If you like Pauwel Kwak beer , only the best in the world and almost as old as America, then you should own one of these. The glass is how they used to drink the beer so it would fit in your horse saddle without spilling much. This Kwak beer is a delicious and strong (ABV ) amber ale, with a dense and creamy head. It has a mellow, fruity and malty aroma with a slightly spicy character.

There are some hints of liquorice and caramelized bananas. At the finish you taste a little bitterness. But at that time coachmen were not allowed to leave their coach and horses in order to have their thirst quenched along with their passengers.

The black paint on the stand is slightly faded but nothing about the glass or base is damaged.

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If posting an image from an external site you must link to that site, and give credit to said site, in your thread title. This includes Twitter, in which case you should also include the . In Belgium, each of the traditional beers is drank from its own style of glass to bring out their optimum flavours and aromas. The wooden holster is designed to keep the beer from spilling during motion.

Today, many barflies are confused about how to drink from this contraption.