Nessie tea infuser

Get ready for a legendary tea time! Share tea time with this cute Scottish legend of the sea! Baby Nessie is a great addition to any tea lovers collection. Adorable Nessie is the cutest loose tea filter you are ever likely to find!

Designed by Ototo, you can pop your favourite loose leaf tea inside Nessie and enjoy a well brewed cuppa! Ben jij een echte theeliefhebber?

Available in three colors- Turquoise, G. Make a legendary brew with this novelty monster tea strainer from Luckies! Fill with your favorite loose tea , immerse in hot water, and enjoy! This adorable Loch Ness . She has feet and can stand on her own in the cup! You can get it at Coolstuff! Made to look like your tea glass has a mini Loch Ness Monster . Previously: their Nessie ladle and kitchen strainer.

The tea infuser is the smallest in their Nessie family of products.

Scientists discovered a trench at the bottom of Loch Ness where a prehistoric creature could hide, but when it. Online only whilst stocks last. Refunds permitted but no exchanges available.

Simply pop the leaves into the belly of the legendary. The gadget, which is the daughter of the equally precious Nessie soup ladle, retails on SOHO Design Shop for about $15. Specifications Shipping Information Material: hardened nylon D. Plenty of speculation surrou. Standing tall with a 1. Eyes on the top make Nessie come to life swimming in the cup! Importe but we had to have her!

Flexible plastic, now in turquoise. How many Nessies do you need in your Loch Ness lake of a kitchen? All of them, apparently, as the saga of Nessie ladle continues with this Loch Ness tea infuser. Shaped like the probable Scottish lake monster, it will let you enjoy a nice cup of tea and mystify tiny cryptozoologists forever.

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