A stadiometer is a piece of medical equipment used for measuring human height. It is usually constructed out of a ruler and a sliding horizontal headpiece which is adjusted to rest on the top of the head. The measuring rod can be dismantled into several pieces and set up easily and quickly.

The spacer keeps the rod straight and stable without any fittings. Health o Meter scales (1).

Height rod stadiometer wall mountable scale measurement 200cm medical portable baby: Baby. FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. Wall-mounted stadiometers for adults are easy to install and give quick height measurements in inches or centimeters. Instructional video on how to set-up and use your stadiometer. Digitale stadiometer Seca 2meetstok voor wandbevestiging.

De meetlat Seca 2is een draadloos stadiometer ontworpen voor muurbevestiging. Deze meetstaaf van Seca wordt gebruikt voor het meten van kleine kinderen en volwassenen. De stadiometer Seca 2beschikt over de Hold functie.

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All this lends the stadiometer an exceptionally high degree of stability – almost the same as a permanent installation. In addition, the adjustable spacer ensures a secure hold without . The Charder stadiometer is particularly suitable for mobile use, e.

Easy to use in a clinic or in the fiel this measuring device can be disassembled into pieces and easily reassembled. A spacer keeps the rod stable and straight without the need for any fittings. Unmatched stability, cleverly designed assembly, and high quality materials ensures a stadiometer with an exceptionally high degree of stability. Suitable for medical practices and hospitals, the stadiometer is also made for mobile use. Buy infantometers and more from Praxisdienst, today!

Kg, the Seca 2stadiometer is especially suitable for use in the field bit also ideal for doctors practices and pediatric hospitals. Seca model 2mobile stadiometer is especially suitable for use in the field but also ideal for clinics, pediatricians and schools.