Vizmaxx glasses

Ontdek onze Welzijn in onze webshop. U kunt het vergrotende effect van uw bril dus zelf verhogen of verlagen. The secret is the Advanced Lens Technology – Simply turn the dial . Adjustable for near or far sighted.

These glasses are definitely good as a backup pair.

I have to use two different glasses , 1. It is also very convenient the ability to adjust each eye independently. However, the packaging is just a simple plastic bag which . Shop with confidence on eBay! The concept of electronic glasses that allow bifocal wearers to switch between different prescription settings, could soon become a reality.

Schitteringen van onder andere koplampen en straatlantaarns in het donker worden geneutraliseerd. Tegelijkertijd worden helderheid en kleurwaarneming verbeterd voor een nóg beter zicht!

Ook overdag geeft de bril een rustig beeld. The VIZMAXX Self-adjusting glasses are the new glasses you can personally customize for crystal clear. The revolutionary night glasses that allow you to view better at night, with crystal clarity. They are made with aircraft grade. I watch them adjust their focus by bringing the newspaper or a book closer and then further away until its comfortable.

Eyejusters, however, allows each . VIZMAXX SELF ADJUSTING GLASSES is a trademark of Actervis GmbH. Discover Wellbeing in our webshop. Dial Vision eyeglasses use sliding lens technology to adjust the strength of each lens, giving you the ability to customize your prescription and see clearly.

KT SUPPLY Sports Sunglasses Cycling Goggles Outdoor Bicycle Riding Driving UV Protection Polarized Glasses With 5. It is the new eyewear for night time that lets you see bright lights, neon signs and many other things clearly at night for safety and comfort when out at night. No more straining of eyes at night If you suffer from vision problems at night, VIZMAXX NIGHT VIEW GLASSES is what you could solve the issue. One pair of glasses for everything: simply turn the hidden eyeDials to change focus.

Mit der Vizmaxx Tages- und Nachtsichtbrille behalten Sie in jeder Situation einen klaren Überblick! Vizmaxx Day and Night Vision Glasses Sunglasses With UV Protection: Amazon.

Vizmaxx magnifying glasses increase the objects you look at for 1. That is why they are indispensable and very helpful to anyone who does not see tiny things or small letters, hobbyists, anyone who performs precision jobs or manual tasks, or reading a tiny or poorly . Biz Max night vision glasses at night can use Lightweight sunglasses limited benefits VIZMAXX Night Vision Glasses at night for sunglasses oncoming car lights and neon dazzle ski field glare reduction night sunglasses at night – Purchase now to accumulate reedemable points! VIZMAXX Day and Night Vision Goggles With UV Protection. More items related to this product.